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    A new normal, and keeping your mind and body active

    For the last few weeks our Dental Centre has been operating under our new normal (here’s hoping it doesn’t last forever), with just a few key changes in order to keep everybody safe. All our patients are now triaged for Covid-19 risk and we have been taking extra health and safety precautions. All patients need to wash their hands on arrival. Hand sanitiser is available for patients who want it. Remember to keep as active as possible too! I’m personally very glad that the tennis courts are opened again, and during the lockdown break my son taught me to solve a rubik’s cube. I’m not as fast as him (he…

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    Covid-19 Level 3 and Level 4 changes

    As you may be aware, today NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that NZ is moving to Level 3 alert, with Level 4 coming in 48 hours. As a result all non-essential dental services will be suspended. Emergency dental care is still available, however all potential patients will be pre-screened over the phone to assess whether they might be at risk of carrying Covid-19 and the urgency of treatment. Older patients (over the age of 70) should endeavour to stay at home.  As advised by the NZDA (New Zealand Dental Association), this protocol will be followed in order to determine eligibility:  Patient pre-screening before arrival at the practice for…

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    Putting your Health and Hygiene first

    At this difficult time we are all concerned with the possible infection and effects of Covid-19. At Angela Lowe-Ho Dental Centre we are committed to protecting our patients and staff from all health risks and the Novel Coronavirus is no exception. We always have had extremely stringent hygiene protocols to keep the Dental Surgery area safe and sterile, and now more than ever these protocols are vital. We ask that all patients coming to the centre wash their hands with soap and water before entering the operating area of the surgery. Preliminary studies have shown that soap and water is more effective on this virus than hand sanitisers (although they…

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    Interview 2016, Ellerslie Magazine. “Faces of Ellerslie”

    Tell me a bit about your history here in Ellerslie. I’ve been a dentist here for about 18 years now. I originally shared this building with the medical laboratory, but then they moved out and I took over the bigger space What do you enjoy about Ellerslie? I just love it here because Ellerslie is such a microcosm of different populations. I get patients from all cultures and from all over the world. I both live and work here and we are so fortunate that everything is within walking distance. What’s Ellerslie’s best kept secret? We have so many great spots here in Ellerslie, not too small, not too big,…

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    Lifestyle Choices & Wellness

    Springtime is an excellent time to spring into action with a commitment to develop healthy lifestyle habits. As an experienced Dental practitioner I find it very satisfying to see the benefits that result from giving the mouth the greatest care it deserves and can receive. I believe we need to seek wellness and health with strategies which properly apply the knowledge available nowadays. Everyone benefits with increased awareness and dental experiences can now inspire personal growth not just fight disease. Your mouth reflects your habits and conveys to people who you are through a range of expressions, including your smile which conveys warmth and happiness. The wellness of the body…

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    Warmth, Lifestyle and Wellness Tips for Winter

    Wintertime is a time of cooling temperatures. I suggest this is an excellent time when you seriously take on the challenge of habits and strategies that will warm and heal your mouth and body. Creating smiles using Dental artistry techniques conveys warmth, happiness and friendliness. Equally important are maintenance lifestyle habits for your body, mouth and smile with the added benefits of good nutrition. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are enormous and good nutrition represents the combined activities of countless food substances. I recommend limiting foods containing fermentable carbohydrates to mealtimes only. In addition it is wise to avoid, eliminate or dilute when ever possible sugars, juice intake, sport…

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    Healing and Wellness For Your Mouth And Your Life

    We depend on our mouths to communicate, eat, smile, laugh, express sadness, anger, love, joy and the entire myriad of feelings human beings can experience. I believe the mouth is the site of our very being, a wondrous and important part of our anatomy, life and emotion. My advice is to prioritise and give your mouth the greatest care it can receive. Eliminate lifestyle habits which are detrimental to healing and wellness. Be a non-smoker, whenever possible between meals avoid the intake of caffeine and energy drinks and minimise alcohol for special occasions only. Pure water, regular exercise and relaxation programs are beneficial. Choose carefully when and what you eat…

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    Relief Of Pain, Health, Wellness & Aesthetics In Dentistry

    These days in the world of dentistry there is a lot of high tech focus on whitening techniques. However, it’s even more important to change our habits and improve the health of our mouths. Research tells us that stains will reoccur within six months if the true cause of discolouration is not dealt with. Often behind whitened teeth, our mouths are still unhealthy. Our physical bodies function best with optimal exercise, rest and nutrition. Disease and accompanying pain will eventually be the result when this balance is not adhered to. More often than not disease will usually start in the mouth. To achieve wellness and associated health benefits, my advice…

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    Lifestyle Choices and Your Oral Health

    We live and choose our habits and lifestyles. Most of us have the opportunity to be educated and to gain knowledge. Your mouth is a reflection and mirror of your lifestyle. You can improve the health of your mouth along with the quality of your life with good habits and choices. As dentists we all receive training as Dental Surgeons. Although surgery is necessary at times, I often will encourage people to use alternative solutions where we do not need to weaken natural structures of the mouth in order to strengthen them. Minimal intervention is best. When tooth restoration is necessary, we now have attractive restorative options which sustain wear…

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    Nutrition, Smile and Wellness Tips….

    The summer/spring season is a time when Mother Nature bursts into flower. Many fruits develop and ripen. Vegetables are in plentiful supply. During this warm season we should be smiling more than ever. We ought to remember to enjoy the fruits of nature and to take care of ourselves by developing and maintaining good dental lifestyle habits. Our smiles convey warmth, happiness and goodwill to each other but they also reflect the health and wellness of our mouths, minds and bodies. Nearly every day, researchers announce exciting discoveries that show how foods can heal, help and fight disease. Phytonutrients are microscopic substances in plants that stimulate our immune system (infection…

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    Holiday Christmas, New Year Dental Tips

    The holiday season is a time when we should be smiling more than ever. Our smiles convey warmth, happiness, and goodwill to each other, but they also reflect the health and wellness of our mouths, minds and bodies. Therefore during this celebratory time we ought to remember to take care of ourselves and maintain good dental lifestyle habits. Choose to nourish and feed your body with foods that have vitality, colourful, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and unprocessed foods. Real food comes from the ground, sea or sky not from the factory! I recommend a variety of foods from nature and if cooking is needed, fast or minimal cooking…

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    Smile, Health and Wellness tips.

    A smile should be a beautiful thing, conveying warmth, happiness, and friendliness to the lucky recipient. We should give each other smiles as often as possible. Sadly, many are embarrassed to smile, due to minor flaws such as gaps between their teeth. This is not necessary and can be corrected. Skilled dental artistry techniques focussing on minimal intervention can really help to create pleasing aesthetic smiles. I believe in minimal surgical intervention if possible so that as much as possible of the natural structure of the mouth can be saved while restoring broken down mouths. A denture can often be done away with and the underlying ugly gap replaced with…

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    Wellness and Healing Tips

    It is my belief that the health of our mouths and the health of our entire beings go hand in hand. I recommend developing knowledge of health issues through self-education and allowing ourselves time for adequate exercise and rest. Learning breathing exercises and routines with physical movements such as yoga can be very beneficial. I consider yoga to be a moving meditation which connects our physical bodies to the universe and regular practice helps us to release stress.. Wise food and nutritional choices also lead toward wellness and healing. Choose as much as possible assorted, fresh, raw, colourful vegetables and fruits. Whole seeds, nuts and grains are also excellent complementary…

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    Empowering Tips to heal your Mouth and Body

    In our fast paced modern society, we tend to forget the basic simple lifestyle habits which will lead us to wellness and health. The wellbeing of our mouths is an important and often neglected area of our health, which has important consequences for our overall health. We know from extensive scientific research and many thousands of studies that there is a very real connection between the health of our mouth and the health of our whole body. A healthy mouth is a vital part of a healthy body. The most common infections in the mouth are tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, these diseases are known to increase the…

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    Healing, Healthy Lifestyle Choices

    In this day and age where we have so many options it is important to choose habits which empower, strengthen and enrich our lives. Through knowledge and self-education we can make responsible and wise decisions. We should endeavour to live healthily, not only for the sake of our teeth and gums but for our health in general. The mouth is a window into the health of an individual. I can often see in a person’s mouth whether they have been under stress or ill recently. Try to avoid stress, toxins from smoking, pollution, alcohol and drugs. Set aside enough time for sleep. A poor diet and too much sugar are…

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    Womb to Wisdom

      Nutrition has a very important role to play in maintaining good dental health, and it’s never too early to start having good nutritional habits. Later in our lives we choose our nutritional intake and frequency ourselves, but as babies we have few choices. While developing in the womb we are completely dependent on our mother’s nutrition. At this time good nutrition is vital for the development of the baby’s mouth (and everything else). Having good oral health may also be important for your foetus. There is some research to suggest that the serious stage of gum disease, periodontitis, could cause premature birth and low birth weight. I always advise…

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    Healing Lifestyle Dental Tips

    In this modern day and age where we can do so much with technology we often forget how important our day to day habits are. We need to remember that our bodies have natural healing processes, and this is true of our mouths as well. Just as muscles and bones can heal, so can our teeth, although to a limited extent. Tooth enamel goes through daily cycles of softening (being broken down by acidic drinks, acid produced by sugar eating bacteria etc) and hardening (being remineralised). An acid environment below pH 5.5 will dissolve minerals from the enamel of teeth causing early decay. Saliva buffers, neutralises and can help to…

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    Smile Creation

    Besides regular dentistry, wisdom teeth, extractions, root canals, dentures and gum health creation we offer Dental Artistry and Dental Bonding to create aesthetic, attractive SMILES for chipped, crooked, or discoloured teeth. We use powerful LED curing lights for immediate results. We always keep as much as possible of your natural tooth structure. An entire tooth can be sculptured and created to fill a gap. Dental Artistry techniques can build a bridge on reinforced fibre. For a full range of treatment options for your mouth and SMILE check us out. Angela Lowe-Ho

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    Health and Wellbeing

    Alcohol, coffee and smoking are often associated with busy lifestyles. All three badly stain teeth. Among alcoholic drinks red wine stains particularly badly, but even those drinks which do not stain still erode enamel. If you must have them do yourself a favour and allow the drinks to accompany meals only. Smoking also creates an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment in the mouth, which allows the bad (pathogenic) bacteria in our mouths to multiply creating gum disease problems, bad breath and eventual bone loss. My advice is QUIT, substitute the addiction of smoking with fitness training, and learn meditation and deep relaxation breathing. Your body, mouth and whiter healthier natural SMILE…