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Healing and Wellness For Your Mouth And Your Life

Carved Melon

We depend on our mouths to communicate, eat, smile, laugh, express sadness, anger, love, joy and the entire myriad of feelings human beings can experience. I believe the mouth is the site of our very being, a wondrous and important part of our anatomy, life and emotion.
My advice is to prioritise and give your mouth the greatest care it can receive. Eliminate lifestyle habits which are detrimental to healing and wellness. Be a non-smoker, whenever possible between meals avoid the intake of caffeine and energy drinks and minimise alcohol for special occasions only. Pure water, regular exercise and relaxation programs are beneficial.
Choose carefully when and what you eat and drink. Raw, fresh, life giving foods contain vitality and require us to exercise our mouths and stimulate our saliva flow beneficially. Saliva contains important healing enzymes.

There are many factors which can cause disease, decay and breakdown of our mouths, teeth and supporting structures. Nowadays dentists and patients have many choices in materials and restorative options. As an experienced dentist I find it satisfying to be able to offer full range Dentistry, relief of pain and in particular to apply the skills of Dental Artistry to remove ugly gaps, build smiles, restore broken down dentitions and touch on people’s lives.
There are still times when major surgery such as wisdom teeth removal, extractions and dentures is needed. However my recommendation is minimal surgical techniques whenever possible using biocompatible, holistic materials with aesthetic tooth like properties that mimic the natural properties of enamel. I also include healing, wellness, home care exercising programs with an emphasis on correct brushing and flossing techniques.
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