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Healing, Healthy Lifestyle Choices


In this day and age where we have so many options it is important to choose habits which empower, strengthen and enrich our lives.

Through knowledge and self-education we can make responsible and wise decisions. We should endeavour to live healthily, not only for the sake of our teeth and gums but for our health in general.

The mouth is a window into the health of an individual. I can often see in a person’s mouth whether they have been under stress or ill recently. Try to avoid stress, toxins from smoking, pollution, alcohol and drugs. Set aside enough time for sleep. A poor diet and too much sugar are also factors which enable bacteria and viruses to cause sickness and disease, not only to our mouths but to our entire bodies. Avoid overusing sugar as a sweetener. It’s a good idea to choose healthy foods such as vegetables, herbs and fruits. If you must sweeten your food, consider natural sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol. Plan ahead and drink plenty of water. When possible try to enjoy properly prepared meals, avoiding the need to snack, graze or sip on processed high energy bars and drinks.

At all times but particularly during adolescence our bodies are vulnerable. To help to develop a healthy lifestyle, I recommend empowerment through education. There are many resources nowadays, including many websites, which can aid parents in educating their children to avoid harmful habits like drugs at this time. Setting a good example for younger people is also important. It’s best if children can learn to live healthily when young- they will reap the benefits later.

We need to think of good health as a form of wealth in our lives. Developing good lifestyle habits can help to avoid decay, disease and even cancer.

Include in your life exercises for body fitness as well as for oral fitness. Try to brush and floss twice daily to remove bacterial plaque toxins as well as stimulate the gums.

Angela Lowe-Ho

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