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Healing Lifestyle Dental Tips


In this modern day and age where we can do so much with technology we often forget how important our day to day habits are. We need to remember that our bodies have natural healing processes, and this is true of our mouths as well.

Just as muscles and bones can heal, so can our teeth, although to a limited extent. Tooth enamel goes through daily cycles of softening (being broken down by acidic drinks, acid produced by sugar eating bacteria etc) and hardening (being remineralised). An acid environment below pH 5.5 will dissolve minerals from the enamel of teeth causing early decay. Saliva buffers, neutralises and can help to heal enamel. For the sake of your dental health it is therefore best to avoid the grazing habit of frequent snacking and drinking, since this causes your mouth to be in an acidic state more often.

Many medications also lower saliva flow which is detrimental to the healing process. Try to use medications only if necessary, preferably for short term solutions. Becoming knowledgeable about lifestyle habits which will heal your mouth and body is a longer term solution.

Learn to apply, shortly after eating, good flossing, brushing and neutralising techniques. Choose a regular daily diet of fresh, raw and unprocessed foods and water as much as possible.

Sometimes there are issues which only a dentist can cure for you, but it really is possible to greatly improve your oral (and bodily) health and reduce the likelihood of serious problems simply through healthy daily habits. Live healthily and reap the rewards.

Angela Lowe-Ho

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