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Holiday Christmas, New Year Dental Tips

Love Beach

The holiday season is a time when we should be smiling more than ever. Our smiles convey warmth, happiness, and goodwill to each other, but they also reflect the health and wellness of our mouths, minds and bodies.

Therefore during this celebratory time we ought to remember to take care of ourselves and maintain good dental lifestyle habits. Choose to nourish and feed your body with foods that have vitality, colourful, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and unprocessed foods. Real food comes from the ground, sea or sky not from the factory! I recommend a variety of foods from nature and if cooking is needed, fast or minimal cooking will preserve more vitamins and minerals.

If you must snack, snack from nature not from the vending machine. Choose and cultivate your lifestyle habits with balance and be a non smoker. I consider brushing and flossing an exercise program for the mouth and I recommend cleaning your mouth twice daily or more. At Christmas party time we can’t always maintain perfect dental habits, but try your best to floss then brush as soon as possible after meals.

Best wishes, Happy Christmas and a fruitful New Year!

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