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Interview 2016, Ellerslie Magazine. “Faces of Ellerslie”

Angela Lo-Howe

Tell me a bit about your history here in Ellerslie.
I’ve been a dentist here for about 18 years now. I originally shared this building with the medical laboratory, but then they moved out and I took over the bigger space

What do you enjoy about Ellerslie?
I just love it here because Ellerslie is such a microcosm of different populations. I get patients from all cultures and from all over the world. I both live and work here and we are so fortunate that everything is within walking distance.

What’s Ellerslie’s best kept secret?
We have so many great spots here in Ellerslie, not too small, not too big, just great shops. The massage at Baan Thai is wonderful, especially from Linda.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I meditate twice a day, it’s such a lifesaver for me. I love yoga too, it’s my natural antidepressant and I play lots of tennis. Overall, I just love exercising as I believe your lifestyle greatly affects your life and your health.
This is my philosophy for my work too. I practise all branches of dentistry with a focus on wellness, lifestyle and minimal intervention dentistry with a scientific and holistic approach.

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