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Lifestyle Choices and Your Oral Health

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We live and choose our habits and lifestyles. Most of us have the opportunity to be educated and to gain knowledge.

Your mouth is a reflection and mirror of your lifestyle. You can improve the health of your mouth along with the quality of your life with good habits and choices.

As dentists we all receive training as Dental Surgeons. Although surgery is necessary at times, I often will encourage people to use alternative solutions where we do not need to weaken natural structures of the mouth in order to strengthen them. Minimal intervention is best.

When tooth restoration is necessary, we now have attractive restorative options which sustain wear rates rivalling natural enamel. We are able to improve or even transform the aesthetics of a smile.

Choose habits that will lead to wellness such as regular flossing and brushing. I also recommend neutralising techniques as well as rinsing with and drinking plenty of water. Even neutralising with a dilute sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) mouth rinse can be beneficial after eating to prevent the mouth remaining in an acid state for too long.

Stay away from the overconsumption of sports and energy drinks. Every now and then is fine but such drinks generally contain not only sugars but also acids which can cause irreversible damage to tooth enamel if consumed too often. Teeth which have suffered from overexposure to such an environment will become sensitive and more likely to decay. If you have to have a sports drink to rehydrate during physical activity, consider having a drink of pure water as well so that you can rinse your mouth at regular intervals.

Choose wisely, keep it simple.

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