Lifestyle Dental Tips

Lifestyle Choices & Wellness


Springtime is an excellent time to spring into action with a commitment to develop healthy lifestyle habits. As an experienced Dental practitioner I find it very satisfying to see the benefits that result from giving the mouth the greatest care it deserves and can receive.

I believe we need to seek wellness and health with strategies which properly apply the knowledge available nowadays. Everyone benefits with increased awareness and dental experiences can now inspire personal growth not just fight disease.

Your mouth reflects your habits and conveys to people who you are through a range of expressions, including your smile which conveys warmth and happiness. The wellness of the body and mouth is a connected, organic system. We need health solutions which combine knowledge and action.

Caries (dental decay) and periodontal (gum) disease are both complex bacterial infections, ultimately caused by biofilm imbalance diseases which affect many people, with certain factors such as lifestyle and mouth structure placing some people at particular risk.

The complex microbial world of the mouth consists of billions of bugs and is structured and well organized. Dental plaque as a biofilm can form very quickly. In an environment of low pH, sugar rich diet and low saliva flow we need strategies, host resistance factors and effective oral hygiene to balance and seek wellness.

In Dentistry relief of pain and painless techniques are necessary and important. Modern Dental Artistry techniques build smiles; however at pH 5.5 the enamel crystals in your teeth, hydroxyapatite, will dissolve. Seek balance for your mouth; it’s your oral ecosystem. You need good quality and quantity of alkaline stimulated saliva, mineral rich, high buffering calcium, phosphate and bicarbonate ions and an aerobic, oxidizing environment.

Best wishes with your lifestyle choices. Avoid repeated acid attacks in your diet and drinks. Be aware that most long term medications lower saliva flow. Your oral health can be affected by stress. Exercise and inverted postures in yoga are excellent antidepressant activities which will help to avoid chronic stress. Enjoy lifetime learning; also be aware of market manipulation. Drink water as a preferred drink, be a non smoker, avoid high caffeine and excess alcohol.

In general, try to live as healthy a life as possible, and your mouth and body will thank you for it.