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Nutrition, Smile and Wellness Tips….

Fruit Basket

The summer/spring season is a time when Mother Nature bursts into flower. Many fruits develop and ripen. Vegetables are in plentiful supply. During this warm season we should be smiling more than ever. We ought to remember to enjoy the fruits of nature and to take care of ourselves by developing and maintaining good dental lifestyle habits.

Our smiles convey warmth, happiness and goodwill to each other but they also reflect the health and wellness of our mouths, minds and bodies.

Nearly every day, researchers announce exciting discoveries that show how foods can heal, help and fight disease. Phytonutrients are microscopic substances in plants that stimulate our immune system (infection fighting enzymes) and neutralise harmful free radicals.

While there is no substitute for regular flossing and brushing, choosing foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish and shellfish helps to keep your teeth and gums strong. Nature provides nutritious foods from the earth, sea and sky full of calcium and vitamins. These foods can heal our bodies and mouths enabling us to maintain health and wellness.

Take care with sweet food. Even fruit juices should be diluted as juice is a very concentrated form of sugar. Sticky foods are worse as large amounts of bacteria can flourish, wearing away surfaces of teeth and allowing cavities to form. If you must eat them, it is best to take time to floss and brush or at least swish and swirl with water. A helpful tip is to finish with a little cheese such as cheddar. Cheese neutralises tooth dissolving acids and helps to prevent tooth decay.

Dentistry offers various options for creating pleasing, aesthetic smiles. I believe as a first choice we should, when possible, try to use skilled dental artistry techniques which focus on minimal intervention while maintaining as much as possible of the natural structure of the mouth. This choice will leave us with back up solutions requiring further surgical intervention only if the need arises.

Choose wisely, you will reap the rewards.

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