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Relief Of Pain, Health, Wellness & Aesthetics In Dentistry

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These days in the world of dentistry there is a lot of high tech focus on whitening techniques. However, it’s even more important to change our habits and improve the health of our mouths. Research tells us that stains will reoccur within six months if the true cause of discolouration is not dealt with. Often behind whitened teeth, our mouths are still unhealthy.
Our physical bodies function best with optimal exercise, rest and nutrition.

Disease and accompanying pain will eventually be the result when this balance is not adhered to.
More often than not disease will usually start in the mouth. To achieve wellness and associated health benefits, my advice is to incorporate some wise and simple lifestyle habits. Be proactive, choose to be a non smoker, drink pure water, avoid when possible energy drinks, excess teas and coffees, sugar and refined carbohydrates.

If you must snack, fruits, nuts, raw vegetables, cheese are best. Processed convenience foods often are marketed as healthy choices; however factory produced foods have usually lost their vitality giving vitamins and minerals. It’s best to eat as nature intended to reap the health benefits of the foods we eat.

Relief of pain and discomfort resulting from disease and infection still continues to be a major reason for a Dental visit. Fortunately advances in magnification, endodontic therapy and Dental artistry as well as materials emulating nature means we can offer patients excellent minimal intervention solutions. I recommend being proactive, be knowledgeable and find out what your choices are. Even in Dentistry marketing often may influence us to choose unwisely.

Choose added value benefits. Minimal intervention, aesthetic, biocompatible and holistic methods and materials will often be a better choice than major surgical interventions.

Inside your mouth are billions of bacteria. The anaerobic environment created by smoking allows anaerobic bacteria to produce toxins responsible for breaking down gums and supporting bone resulting in gum disease.

I therefore recommend various solutions to quit smoking and various flossing techniques as tooth brushing only reaches sixty percent of surfaces. Dietary analysis may be needed as diets today are often problematic. Strategies to harden enamel are available as well as treatments and strategies to avoid bad breath which affects twenty percent of the population.
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