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Our services focus on empowering you to maximise your investment in your health and wellness between visits. Your priorities, feedback/ concern/s if any are our primary focus. We allow time for treatment and offer for our patients a thorough assessment / examination which may include x-ray/s as needed.

We believe that it is important to address the healing of dental disease and your health and lifestyle needs as a linked whole. The signs and symptoms we see in the mouth tell us a lot about your lifestyle. In addition to emergency and regular dentistry we develop personal program strategies and long-term benefit plans for you.

We practice all branches of dentistry. We have extensive knowledge of procedures from simple to complex and offer choices of solutions and strategies in addition to regular dentistry so that our patients become aware of how wellness, health and healing happens for them.

red cube iconComprehensive examinations, consultations and oral hygiene maintenance provided in a caring stress free atmosphere.

blue cube iconGum treatments, teeth whitening, abscesses and root canal treatments. Emergency Dentistry, extractions especially wisdom teeth, straightening teeth, gap replacements using fixed and removable solutions. Broken teeth, fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges.

green cube iconDentistry artistry skills and techniques using biocompatible, biomimetic tooth coloured materials provide an affordable service.

green cube iconDental diseases are linked with lifestyle choices. We provide personalised strategy programs to improve health habits that will keep you orally fit.

yellow cube iconPersonalised service and care from our team. Angela Lowe-Ho with 30+ years of experience.

Ana, Dental Assistant with 10+ years experience and Edmund Ho administration and support.

green cube iconDental Requiring further advice? Contact me on text/mobile. Senior citizen rates, registered ACC and WINZ provider.

 If you have a dental problem, Call Me!

Ph:- 579 4746

Text:- 027 4720 638

Angela Lowe-Ho Dental Centre is behind the Four Square,
126A Main Highway, Ellerslie.

Client parking at the front door.