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Smile, Health and Wellness tips.

Fruit and Veg

A smile should be a beautiful thing, conveying warmth, happiness, and friendliness to the lucky recipient. We should give each other smiles as often as possible. Sadly, many are embarrassed to smile, due to minor flaws such as gaps between their teeth. This is not necessary and can be corrected.

Skilled dental artistry techniques focussing on minimal intervention can really help to create pleasing aesthetic smiles. I believe in minimal surgical intervention if possible so that as much as possible of the natural structure of the mouth can be saved while restoring broken down mouths. A denture can often be done away with and the underlying ugly gap replaced with a pleasing smile. Dental artistry and minimal intervention techniques can also be used to build a wonderful smile which doesn’t need to be taken out of your mouth each night. Dentistry today offers various options. In suitable mouths, one such option is referred to as a resin bonded bridge. This option requires learned dental artistry skills from a dental practitioner and the cost is usually less than the cost of a denture!

Equally important also is the maintenance of your smile, health and wellness. Our overall health is dependent on our lifestyle habits, nutrition and exercise. Choose to nourish and feed your body with foods with vitality, colourful, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and unprocessed foods. Real food comes from the ground, sea or sky not from the factory! I recommend a variety of foods from nature and if cooking is needed, fast or minimal cooking will preserve more vitamins and minerals.

If you must snack, snack from nature not the vending machine.

Choose and cultivate your lifestyle habits with balance and be a non smoker.

I consider brushing and flossing an exercise program for the mouth and I recommend cleaning your mouth twice daily or more.

I wish you a healthy, pleasing smile and best wishes with your choice of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.

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