What our Patients say about Us

Conscientious Dental Practitioner 

I have now been a patient of Angela’s practice for two years and I plan to continue into the future.I cannot personally speak highly enough of her professionalism and integrity,and how her possession of attention to detail is immaculate.
Angela has meticulously recorded an ongoing historical record of my lifestyle choices/habits that enabled her to tailor a treatment plan that is performed with the utmost care to consistently provide me with holistic, pain free solutions.
My experience of Angela has been exemplary and I would recommend her services to anyone.
Jonathan Leonard – Nov 2019

Professionalism and Integrity 

Angela has been extraordinarily helpful – she accommodated for me in a very short time frame and in the process, saved me from splurging 10k on invasive wisdom teeth surgery!
I am now starting my smile transformation plan, including preventative dental work, with her some time next year.
Look no further – you are in great hands with Angela and her assistant 🙂
Journee James – Sept 2019

Life-changing education 

Angela is a skilled and approachable dentist, who places a high premium on her patients’ entire health and well-being through excellent dental care. She is not only a skilled technician, but she also offers life-changing education on preventive oral hygiene and home care tips.
Alta van Wyk – Oct 2019

Truly a twenty-first century healer 

Dr Angela Lowe-Ho has seen to my dental needs for three years now. She is, without a doubt, the most conscientious medical practioner I’ve ever met. Her holistic approach takes an individual’s circumstances into account to provide patients with a personalised care plan.Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Dr Angela is her ongoing commitment to her professional improvement – she is constantly attending courses, conferences, and the like to keep up to date with the latest techniques and procedures. She truly is a twenty-first century healer.

Dr Lowe-Ho’s compassion and care for her patients is outstanding. It is evident in her dealings with me, the way she listens to my concerns, then addresses them to put me at ease. Her soft manner and light touch will make sure even the most delicate and sensitive patients feel no discomfort.

The single most helpful thing about the “Angela Lowe-Ho Dental Centre” is the fact that you can set up a weekly AP to pay for treatment. Because I am bad with money, I would not be able to have dental care without it. I will be forever grateful to Dr Lowe-Ho and her staff for teaching me that a healthy smile is something anyone can attain. I look forward to many years of happy, robust teeth.


Esteban Barrales – Aug 2019

I don’t know where to start! 

I don’t know where to start! Angela is an absolute angel! I had issues with a wisdom tooth that flared up occasionally but always disappeared again. This time was different the pain was getting worse and I knew I had to get it sorted. I hadn’t been to the dentist since arriving in NZ 5 years ago so I literally didn’t know where to start looking.

Initially I went to the hospital as they do extractions for $40 but it wasn’t simple and they couldn’t touch it unfortunately, the tooth was too far into the side of my gum and my cheek and to far back so they sent me away to find an oral surgeon or dentist. A friend recommended Angela to me as she had serious wisdom teeth issues and Angela sorted her out and after reading her reviews I thought I would go and see her. She was so lovely! She explained everything to me in plain English, exactly what was possible and what she could do for me and said that although, complicated, she could definitely help me.

She said there were a couple of options that could work depending on how she went during the procedure. She explained it all clearly and I gave her the thumbs up to do what was best once she knew what she was dealing with. She was informative the whole way through and told me exactly what she was doing at every point – even initiating a ‘thumbs up’ system where by I would give her the thumbs up if it was ok for her to have another go at the tooth. Anytime I waggled my thumb was a sign to her to stop, but she had administered the anesthetic so well, that I didn’t need to get her to stop and after initially saying it might take around 50 pulls – she did it in 12!! (she’s strong too!) I was so overwhelmed afterwards I cried – with relief more than anything and Ana and Angela were so caring with me – handing me a tissue and just reassuring me the whole time.

Angela really cares about your overall dental health and not just getting the job done on the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and highly recommend her services. For anyone nervous – don’t hesitate in contacting Angela for advice, you will not be disappointed plus I feel great the day after my extraction which i wasn’t expecting at all. Just a dull ache and a bit tired, but considering the complicated procedure I’m seriously massively impressed! Thank you Angela – I feel like you were an angel sent to me yesterday! I will be back.

Valerie and Chris – Aug 2019

Professionalism and integrity 

I have now been a patient of Angela’s practice for two years and I plan to continue into the future. I cannot personally speak highly enough of her professionalism and integrity, and how her possession of attention to detail is immaculate.

Angela has meticulously recorded an ongoing historical record of my lifestyle choices/habits that enabled her to tailor a treatment plan that is performed with the utmost care to consistently provide me with holistic, pain free solutions.

My experience of Angela has been exemplary and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Jonathan Leonard – Aug 2019

A great dentist –

Angela is a great dentist! Her and Ana (her lovely assistant) went above and beyond for me! They took great care of me and fixed my teeth in 2 sessions instead of 3, which spared me a lot of money! Super recommended! Thanks again Angela and Ana!
And I will recommend you to my friends too !
Claire Assailly – Aug 2019

A holistic Dental treatment 

In my 50s, for the first time I decided to go for a holistic dental treatment. I was dealing with a long lasting problem with deterioration and sensitivities of my teeth despite regular dentist check ups.

Finally I got what every patient hopes for.
-Experienced and skilled hands of the dentist
-the most important tips, practical and theory on how to change my current dental hygiene with holistic medicine plus dental kit
-mandatory diet

Thank you with all my heart Angela and assistant Anna for your expertise, example and advices. Your have me what no one has ever done so far! Grateful, and with great pleasure I recommend .
Mirjana Krizanovic – March 2019

She has always gone to extra lengths 

Angela has been my dentist since I arrived in Auckland in January, 2011.
I always go to her for my dental treatments – even though I have moved several times to different parts of the city – because I trust her, and consider her a friend.
I trust her because of her skill as a dentist, her kindness, her thoroughness and her dedication to her patients’ wellbeing and enthusiasm for her profession.
She has always gone to extra lengths to ensure my teeth are fixed and has improved my dental hygiene with her knowledge and advice heaps.
My diet is healthier as a result of her nutrition advice as well. She really does have a holistic approach – treating the whole person, not just your teeth in isolation.
Angela also makes sure that I can manage the payments for her treatments in a way that fits my income.

Thank you Angela! I appreciate your wonderful dentistry and your kindness to me over the years.
Genevieve F, Whangaparaoa Peninsula – December 2018

Angela was very attentive to my concerns

I recently made contact with Dr Angela Lowe-Ho to discuss my current poor health in relation to my mouth and dentistry. Angela quickly made contact and we arranged a suitable time for me to travel to Auckland to see her (within 3 days of my initial request). Angela was very attentive to my concerns, spending an extraordinary amount of time getting a good feel for what was going on with my mouth and health. I received the most thorough dental clean I have ever had and plenty of sound advice going forward. I was very impressed with Angela’s care and commitment to me as her patient and would highly recommend her as a dentist.
Kathy R, Cambridge – November 2018.

I trust the advice Angela provides regarding how to maintain my dental health

Angela is a fantastic dentist, she truly believes in maintaining and improving your current dental structure before attempting anything superficial. Angela always explains what she is performing during the dental procedure and why which makes me feel comfortable and safe. I trust the advice Angela provides regarding how to maintain my dental health. I can confidently say that Angela has not only provided fantastic service to myself but also my family and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Dentist.
Aerin T

A miracle worker

Honestly I don’t even know where to start! Angela is a miracle worker! I was told by numerous dentist that the only solution to my problematic tooth was extraction, which is something i absolutely dreaded doing, not only did Angela save my half broken tooth but had rebuild it, looking absolutely amazing! I found her to genuinely care about her clients oral health care and only have their best interest at heart! Her dental knowledge is very extensive and obviously shows in her work! I have the utmost respect for Angela and her lovely assistant Ana!

Review June 2017

I was totally blown away with the outstanding services provided by Angela and Ana. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of High quality and affordable dentistry.


Thomas – June 2017

Great advice

Thanks Angela and team for your advice and care during my appointment. I found it to be very helpful and caring which I appreciated. You not only helped me with immediate treatment and putting a long-term plan into place you also gave me great advice on preventative measures.
Tasha – May 2017

My pain is finally gone

Having put off going back to the dentist since having treatment done in 2009 with Mighty Mouth (my dentist through High School with the caravans after having on site dental nurses throughout Primary and Intermediate School)….. I knew it was time to get things sorted when my pain in my teeth started to limit my ability to eat, drink and even breathe. Finding time to fit it into my work hours has been hard, I kept saying each year I will go this year to the Fono Centre, but I never did make it. I popped into Smile Dental in Takanini as they were the ones who could fit me in last min for a consult and was told i had decay in my tooth, and oddly enough it wasn’t the tooth I thought it was… as someone who’s asset is their smile and works in a front line role for a hotel as a F&B Attendant, I didn’t want to loose any of my teeth. I was told a root canal was needed or extraction. This triggered off my Anxiety which I suffer from. My mum googled around and found Angela who agreed to meet with me and was kind enough to accommodate me with my work hours, my boss wasn’t too happy but I managed it.
Angela took the holistic route of trying to keep my tooth without a root canal or extraction. It’s been a month since she did her treatment on my tooth, my pain is finally gone, I still have some sensitivity in my tooth where the decay was removed but at least I can smile, eat, drink and breath again. For me is very important for both my religious beliefs and personally to live as eco friendly, sustainable and natural as possible without to much medical intervention.
Bronwyn – March 2017

Very gentle and very efficient

Angela is a dentist who puts her philosophy of addressing total health into practice in a great way. I felt that the dental recommendations she made for me were based on a good conversation of my eating habits …. those that I admitted too at least LOL.
Angela gave me reminders about my appointment time.

During the dental procedure Angela was very gentle and very efficient. She was able to take my mind off everything with some interesting conversation.
After the procedure Angela was able to offer me plenty of advice about how to maintain my dental health.

She did a fantastic job and I can recommend her to anyone searching for a Dentist.
Iain Kinsey
Internal Sales Consultant Yellow

I am thrilled with the results

2017 started with a toothache. 20 years of ignoring my teeth was catching up with me.

I did some research and found the lovely Angela. I sent an SOS and was relieved to get a quick response and an offer of an appointment the next day.

Angela has transformed my teeth and taught me how to care for them properly. I am thrilled with the results. Her holistic approach was just what I needed. Thanks to both Angela and the lovely Anna I am now have my teeth repaired and am set up to look after my them properly.
Maria Mathieson,
Property Services Manager McAuley Trust.

The first dentist I have met who takes a personal interest in me and my health

Ever since I moved to Auckland five and a half years ago, Angela has been my dentist. She was recommended to me by my brother and sister, who were patients of hers, because of her holistic approach to dentistry, which they appreciated.I’ve moved several times since then – from Grey Lynn to Totara Heights in South Auckland and lately to Browns Bay on the North Shore, but I always take the bus (or sometimes two buses) to Ellerslie to see Angela with my long-suffering teeth because I trust her (most important) and she is very kind and helpful to me, and I know she will do her very best to look after my teeth which have suffered from too many fillings and posts – dentistry as it was in the 60s and 70s, as well as not being cleaned properly and not going to the dentist as often as I should, largely because of financial constraints.Plus her charges are fair and she helps me to pay them off in a way that I can manage as I am a pensioner; she is very practical and generous in that way.Also, Angela is the first dentist I have met who takes a personal interest in me and my health. She gives me practical advice about – not only my teeth (how to clean and floss them properly so as to keep both teeth and gums healthy) but also my diet. Specifically, she has recommended changes I can make to reduce cane sugar from my diet as I am a “sweet tooth’.Before I went to Angela, I was aware that sugar wasn’t that good for me, and I did try to reduce it, but after Angela explained to me that it really was bad for my teeth, I took her advice seriously, and as a result I have reduced substantially the amount of sweet things that I eat, and I am no longer as addicted to sugar as I used to be.I haven’t eliminated it completely, but I have definitely reduced its influence on my choices of foods, to the benefit of my general health and weight, and my teeth, so I am very grateful to her for that as well, as I hope to live well past 100 and I will need my teeth in good order for that!

So I would say that if you would like a dentist that you can trust to do the best for you and your teeth, and who will truly care for you and your health and well-being to the best of her ability, Angela is the dentist for you!

Thank you Angela!

Genevieve Forde
Browns Bay

Angela has taught me a better dental routine to help improve my teeth and gums

I’d just like to add here, thank god I found Angela! I needed a good amount of work done, not that anyone would of noticed from my smile. The price to fix my issues was huge and I’m grateful that Angela made it easier for me to afford and still have it done exceptionally well. Angela has taught me a better dental routine to help improve my teeth and gums. Because of that my gums no longer bleed when I brush or floss. I recently went through the pains of a tooth that was dying and needed a root canal. Two years prior, Angela tried to save it from having the procedure done. The process was all controlled with medication for pain relief which worked like a charm over that weekend and antibiotics. The surgery experience wasn’t terrifying, I was numbed and numbed some more if I felt any bit of pain and was continually asked if I was okay during the procedure. My root canal from her experience was very very difficult and took two sessions. Its amazing how the tooth looks like nothing every happened. Her dental artistry and skill sets are amazing. I will continue to let others know about her as she is a life saver in the Dental field. I respect her for making things more affordable for others and then in turn provide us with her years of expertise and her holistic approach. Now that i have found my weaker teeth are due to thyroid issues and as I begin treatment, having Angela as my dentist, I know my teeth are in good hands.
Jamilliah James
Beautiful Braids – Business Owner

An absolutely painless experience

Hi Doctor Angela, I am writing this email to thank you immensely, i must say am looking forward to have any dental issues sorted by you as am no more afraid of any procedures, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and the feeling to be in the patient’s shoes. I had nightmares before the extraction as my husband had a very hard time while getting his extraction done. I work in a contact centre and had been in adverse pain since 2 weeks. While talking about my pain to my colleagues, one of my colleagues AJ handed me your visiting card( he did advise me that you are Awesome in whatever you do,thanks to him as well).I called you straight away and you were kind enough to book me in shortly.After meeting you both my husband and me were confident about you and guess what You kept your promise I had absolutely painless experience during and post extraction.My husband decided to come to you for his dental issues.
You have a very kind heart and you are Gem of a person. I would highly recommend you to all my friends and relatives to be able to get rid of all their dental issues.
Thank you very much for your Excellent Service and love.
Lots of love

Priyanka Emani
Contact Centre Representative with Westpac

I felt so relieved

I would like to commend Angela on doing such an amazing job on re-building a crown that snapped off at the gum line.
It looked like a hopeless or massively expensive situation I faced, which was the last thing I needed!
Angela examined the area then separately outside the dental chair, carefully explained the options she could try. Angela has done various extended dentistry courses that enable her to do procedures a typical dentist wont or cant do. Also,we
came to a comfortable re-payment agreement, taking another weight off my mind. I left the surgery with an amazing smaller rebuild matching tooth that filled the gap perfectly and I felt so relieved.

The previous dental company that a faithfully went to for 20 plus years would pressure you to get certain teeth replaced with crowns that cost 1200 – $1500. Whereas Angela has a totally different approach of preserving what you have rather than replacing it with a costly substitute.

Thank you again, Angela, for doing an amazing job and more so – putting my mind at ease. I would and do, recommend Angela as a dentist to anyone I know that needs dental assistance.

Call Centre Representative

Angela has given me back my smile

“When I first met Angela my teeth were in a very sorry state. Eating food had become difficult and I had a number of abysses’ and broken teeth. I had previously seen another Dentist who had started 2 root canals only to tell me during the process that they didn’t think the teeth could be saved. This bad advice led me to seek a second opinion! I was also embarrassed by my smile due to years of grinding and my front teeth were jagged and un-attractive.

9 months later I am very happy to say that Angela has given me back my smile and also a strong set of teeth ! All problem teeth have been sorted and my chewing now feels robust and comfortable. I cannot praise Angela enough for her knowledge in the dentistry and cosmetic dentistry field. I was sure that I was going to have a full set of false teeth before I was 40 years old and now I have a smile to be proud of ! Another reason to smile is that all the work didn’t cost me enough to frown !

Angela, I would like to portray my sincere thanks to you and your staff and all your advice during my dental work. It is for this reason I felt an overwhelming obligation to write you this testimonial..”
Benjamin Neal
Licensee Salesperson, Real Estate

Such a BIG difference, to not only my mouth, but my WHOLE life

I have been a patient for eleven years.
I have been Angela Lowe-Ho’s patient for eleven years now, for which I will be forever eternally grateful. Over the years, Angela has allowed me to pay her a weekly amount by direct credit from my budget. Fortunately for me, my mouth and teeth now enjoy maximum health benefits because of Angela’s excellent dental work.

In addition, maintaining a dental life-style of wellness, and outlining strategies to help me cope with the particular needs of my mouth and teeth, have been taught to me by Angela. Her expert guidance, tuition and dental care have made such a BIG difference, to not only my mouth, but my WHOLE life.

Before I arrived at Angela’s dental practice for the first time, I was too embarrassed to smile, hid my mouth behind my hands and felt very ashamed of the state of my teeth. Eleven years on, I’m all smiles and have regained my confidence and now feel like a winner- BIG-TIME! Thank you, Angela, for giving me the power!

Raewynne Hita
( Mother, Grandmother, Great- Grandmother and now a Volunteer Tutor at Glen Innes Adult Literacy Inc as well as student at Te Wananga o Aotearoa-[Computing Level four]).

I have been so relaxed that I have fallen to sleep

“Angela has been my dentist now for 25+ years. She has always been personal, professional and caring. She has a gentle touch to her work and I am comfortable during treatment, including painless root canal work that I previously needed. I have been so relaxed that I have fallen to sleep while she was working on me.

Thanks to her coaching advice, I understand my personal dental requirements and I do try to follow her instructions in flossing daily so that I have better gum health.
I trust Angela and I am most happy to recommend her Dental Centre to friends, relatives or colleagues looking for a dentist.”
Sincerely yours,
Colin Smith
Electronics and Computer Systems Engineer.

I love Angela’s approach to dentistry

In my opinion she is a true master in every aspect of dentistry she has performed on me, ranging from root canals to double bridges to simple advice about caring for my oral health.
I can now smile with confidence after the recent completion of my bridge work which involved creating something out of nothing, Two big ugly gaps were transformed into two perfectly natural looking teeth, AMAZING! What’s more, this was achieved during two appointments within a 24 hour period at an affordable cost.
No additional technicians fees as Angela performs all the work herself from go to whoa apart from the expert help of her assistant.
Fiona Bartlett
Homemaker, Mother

Extremely gentle

When one of my teeth sheared off at gum level in late January I thought it was one of the worst days of my life – I was wrong. I hadn’t attended a dentist for several years through fear and also the inability to pay for expensive treatment so in desperation, I tried a few dentists in the Ellerslie area. Angela was the only one who agreed to see me immediately and then proceeded with root canal treatment and a crown. I am now undergoing extensive dental treatment at a pace I can afford and no longer fear a trip to the dentist – I have in fact dozed off in the chair. Angela has gained my absolute confidence; she is extremely gentle and continually checks on my welfare during a session.

After several years of neglect I now feel so much better about my smile and look forward to the finished product. I am now much better educated about dental hygiene and know that I will now follow the routine that Angela has given me – in fact, I quite enjoy the process, knowing that these teeth really can last me a lifetime. I can thoroughly recommend Angela, especially those who have a terror of dentists because she truly will put you at ease with her caring manner. My sincere thanks to her and her lovely assistant Cornelia for their continued care.
Christine McCabe
Accounts Administrator, Education Sector

I am very pleased with the results

Over the last 4 years Dr. Angela has provided all my dental treatment including fillings, root canals, restorations and one extraction. I am very pleased with the results she and her staff have achieved and appreciative of advice on wellness and maintenance practices. I recommend Dr. Angela for her skilled, experienced and caring professional dental service.
Keith Donaldson
Site Assistant, Property Management

She really does care for the whole person – your health generally, not just your teeth

I wanted to write this testimonial for Angela to thank her for the care she has taken with my teeth – and me – since I became her patient just over three years ago when I moved to Auckland.

My sister and brother had recommended her to me because of her wholistic approach to dentistry; she really does care for the whole person – your health generally, not just your teeth.

One of the best things for me has been the meticulous and very practical instructions she gave me about flossing and brushing my teeth, with particular attention to the health of my gums, which has meant both teeth and gums are in excellent condition now, which is good, because I hope to live to 150 at least – and I love food!
Another really good thing about Angela is that she has helped me arrange payments so that I can go to the dentist without being held up by financial challenges; and she has often done extra work on my teeth for me out of the kindness of her heart.
As well as that, she is really good at giving injections (I hardly feel them), and she always asks me about my concerns, and listens to what I say, and explains clearly what she suggests for treatment, and why; and at the end of my session, after a talk about post-treatment, she gives me some free toothpaste and flossettes and a big hug!

She really is a remarkable woman; the first female dentist of Chinese descent in Aotearoa New Zealand, still very enthusiastic about her profession and as fit as a fiddle. (She works out and meditates regularly.)

If you are looking for an excellent dentist who will really care about your teeth – Angela is the woman for you!

Thank you, Angela, for all your kindness and care for me and my teeth!
From Genevieve Forde
Totara Heights

An excellent and highly skilled dentist

In one appointment with Angela, I discovered that she has much kindness and integrity in working towards the dental health and all-round well being of her patients and is an excellent and highly skilled dentist. Angela is one of East Auckland’s best kept secrets and I am happy to have discovered her.
Nirmala Jean Gallia
High School Teacher

Incredible insight

Dear Angela,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking such a thorough professional and detailed approach to my appointment with you.

I have had some concerns about a couple of teeth and you gave me incredible insight in your assessment of my mouth health and teeth along with correctly diagnosing the current issues. You gave me complete confidence in your abilities through your professionalism and your passion, experience and philosophies. Thank you, I feel I am in the right place to have my dentistry handled with care and genuine concern.
I really value this especially as I am now travelling further into my forties! I can see with only a few problem areas highlighted I now know I will receive the right care and attention to resolve these and most importantly it’s great to become educated and realise that I can influence and limit any on-going future issues and expense. I would have no hesitation in recommending your practice based on my refreshing experience and will definitely refer my friends and family.
Richard Lyne
Real Estate – Ray White Remuera

Dr Angela has given me my smile back

For years now I never had the guts to smile in public or take picture with my teeth shown because I had a few really bad looking holes on the front of my teeth.
After my teeth were treated by Ms/Dr Angela, I could actually smile again. Let’s say that she save me by giving me back my smile that I’ve lost so long ago.

Very sincerely grateful to her and her assistant.

I will always keep smiling because Dr Angela has given me my smile back and a plan to follow to look after my smile.
-Ben Chung

Don’t put it off like I did…

Before and AfterA childhood accident (and inconsiderate orthodontics) had left my front teeth uneven and ugly, causing me much embarrassment and affecting my self esteem for over 20 years.

Before I saw Angela Lowe-Ho, my front teeth consisted of one oversized crown with black discoloration around the gum line – and the other tooth which had been orthodontically moved into the front tooth position was tiny and uneven.

After reading the rave testimonials on Angela’s website about her ability to make ‘something out of nothing’ I decided to visit her to see what she could do for me. After all, I figured I had nothing to lose – I had been quoted $11,000 and major surgery to give me two ‘new’ front teeth by my previous dentist.

To be honest, I didn’t expect any improvement from the initial consultation with Angela. But as she checked out the health of my mouth and discussed her low cost, user-friendly options for improving my smile, she filed my oversized crown down and adjusted the surrounding teeth to make my smile more even.

I left that initial appointment feeling hopeful and inspired. I liked the way Angela would always ask me, “What is most important to you right now? What bothers you the most?” and then she would deal with that problem immediately.

The second visit dealt with increasing the size of the tiny tooth which had been moved into a front tooth position. That day I left feeling like I had a ‘normal’ smile.
On my third visit, she dealt with the major issue of the obtrusive crowned tooth -removing the black discoloration which had bothered me for years, repairing the poorly created crown and improving the aesthetics of the tooth to make it even.
Even though that third visit went considerably over the allocated time; Angela refused to charge me more than she had initially quoted me – which in total was a fraction of the cost my previous dentist had quoted.

Now, everywhere I go, I check out people’s smiles because I know how it feels to have awful looking teeth transformed into a wonderfully even and beautiful smile. I recommend Angela’s dental artistry at every opportunity.

If you’re looking for a dentist who is capable of addressing every problem in your mouth, then Angela Lowe-Ho has my highest recommendation. Angela is passionate about every aspect of dentistry and is dedicated and committed to helping you look and feel your best. Pick up the phone and call her now.
Jacqui Olliver
Personal Development Expert and Relations Strategist

Highly advanced professional dentistry

“I’ve been a patient of Angela for approximately 10 years now. I was a nervous patient with quite a lot of previous dentistry and this has needed maintenance from time to time.

However, I no longer fear the dentist as Angela makes sure I feel no pain and she has totally transformed my dental experience!

After my marriage I recommended my husband to go and see Angela. My husband had quite a lot of unsatisfactory previous dentistry that needed fixing up. With Angela’s treatment, advice and strategies, it’s really good to know that we are both being looked after with minimal intervention techniques and I really like her holistic approach with strategies for healing as an added benefit.

I am now a mother of two preschoolers and it is great to know that Angela is a dentist who cares and advises you also on how to be continually healthy. Angela also gives me valuable tips so that I am more knowledgeable on what to do for my children.
I am most pleased to do this testimonial and recommendation.

It is just a small token of the gratitude I feel to Angela for looking after my family and I with her caring, holistic and highly advanced professional dentistry.
Thanks, Angela!
Marie de Ruiter (nee Bos)
Mother, Homemaker and Lawyer.

She treats the person as a whole

Seeking dental advice was not my top priority these days, as I am still coping with the fast-paced life in Auckland, so long that I have cleaned my teeth after meals I am okay with it. It was only when I got a very sore tooth, which prevented me in going to work and lose focus in my school activities. I started to be more aware and concerned on my dental health. I admit that I have difficulty in trusting dentists to treat me especially in a foreign land. I have always thought that these people would not be able to provide quality service, but my assumptions were wrong when I met Angela. I sent her text message regarding my tooth issue, to my surprise she gave me a call and she has done a pre-assessment on my condition before my actual appointment. From that moment on, I felt assured that she is the right dentist to go to. Angela do not only caters the dental issue itself but she treats the person as a whole. She made me realize what is causing my tooth problems and gave me insight on how to improve better. It’s been a month since she treated me and the after effects are not only focused on my teeth but my body as a whole, through her encouragement on the proper dental hygiene and advice on the healthy foods. Angela treats not only the dental condition but also the person as a whole. It doesn’t end with a single meeting and she sees to it that her advices are taken seriously by her patient to avoid similar complaints in the future.
Angela is dentist with a caring attitude towards her patient.
Victoria Rafaela Zaragosa

Caring & Compassionate

I recently visited Angela after years of neglect on my teeth. With her gentle help together we have embarked on a long term plan towards my dental health with results already clearly evident.
I really can’t recommend Angela enough.
Caring & compassionate.
A hidden gem in Ellerslie!
Patrick James Kelly

A Very Big Heart

Very few medical practitioners extend their help to the extent that Angela does. As an international student living here in New Zealand, I am struggling to pay my rent, bills, and other expenses with the minimum wage I receive fortnightly.I have always been anxious whenever I think of possible miscellaneous expenditures I might need to spend on such as medical fees due to emergencies. For 4 days, I have struggled with a severe toothache that gradually became too much to tolerate. I went to school and to work even though the pain is altering my focus. I took pain killers, they worked for some time; but eventualIy, the pain radiated to my jaw and I couldn’t take it anymore. I booked appointments with different dentists, but was quite disappointed with the care I received and with the fees they asked.When I contacted Angela in the middle of the night, she didn’t just reply, but took her time to ask thoroughly about my case, offered help, and adjusted to my situation. Talking about her practice, Angela is really a passionate dentist and a caring woman.
She is flexible with the fees and lives by her code “holistic approach to dentistry”. She has genuine concern to her clients as evidenced by treating the main problem, as well as other factors (e.g. lifestyle) that may lead to further dilemma.
If you are doubtful about her services, rest assured that she’ll provide you with the top-of-the-line service one always wishes for. I will always be grateful to Dr. Angela for she truly saved me during that time of distress.
Adrian Kris Abano

Increased my overall emotional wellbeing too

I came to Angela terrified as I had had a terrible experience at another dentist.
I was very emotional and I must admit a very difficult patient! Angela was able to calm me and reassure me that the health of my mouth could be improved, that after many years of bad lifestyle choices and neglect…all hope wasn’t lost.

Angela was very empathetic and wise in her ways of positive thinking and taught me – through her own attitude and views how pertinent that is in terms of a persons overall wellbeing. Angela is a true artist in her work and has not only helped my physical health and will continue to do so through her ongoing plan for me but has also increased my overall emotional wellbeing too.

I would recommend Angela to anyone in a heart beat! Her knowledge and support has helped me change my life!
Bianca White
Sales Rep

A unique and superior service

I came to Angela’s practice when I was looking for a dentist who would be interested in my teeth and the problems I was trying to manage.

Angela has brought my teeth and mouth to level where I am in the wonderful position of seeing that I can have a healthy dental future. With each check-up Angela takes incredible interest in giving practical insight and techniques to improve my daily mouth care and she provides a wonderfully supportive mentoring approach.
Angela provides a unique and superior service.
Thank you Angela for your incomparable support, holistic approach and for your willingness to listen and manage my particular dental issues.
Denise Roil
Retired (formerly Customer Service Supervisor)

My best ever dental experience

Oh my gosh, I am so frightened of the dentist however I made an appointment with Angela Lowe-Ho and it was my best ever dental experience I didn’t even need to be sedated like I have been in the past. My dental work was performed in a calm and comfortable manner. Angela had me feeling relaxed and explained everything she is very thorough. I have not only left her with my teeth fixed but I have left empowered to make some changes in my life like doing away with the 2 sugars I have in my at least 4 cups of coffee in the morning and I also have a care plan for my teeth now that I follow. I highly recommend Angela as a Dentist she is amazing!
Danielle Glennon

I learnt a lot about my mouth and body

I had an emergency with broken and uncomfortable tooth filling and need a dentist urgent.

I found Angela Lowe-Ho`s website online and chose to ring Angela because she had good recommendations and testimonials. When I phoned I felt comfortable and make an appointment. I received excellent care and Angela explained to me what needed to be done and it was comfortable and painless.

I am very happy to recommend Angela an a excellent dentist, so if you have a problem don’t wait phone her dental centre. I learnt a lot about my mouth and body. Caring for your mouth is so important for your body health.
Juraj Zahorec
site manager – Slovak

What sets you apart from other dentists I have met all over the world, is that you give the patient control

Hi Angela, I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on my teeth last week.
I especially appreciate you sitting down with me after the appointment and taking the time to answer all my questions.

What sets you apart from other dentists I have met all over the world, is that you give the patient control.

It may have been “tough love” initially, but as I stick with my new mouth care routine I am incredibly grateful that you empowered me to keep my teeth healthy and surgery free!
Many thanks, Annika
(Fitness Instructor)

So gentle and caring

I never had good experience with dentists until I met Angela Lowe-Ho.
I chipped my tooth and Angela made an appointment with me immediately. I was afraid of examination so I was surprised when I found out that she was so gentle and caring.

She didn’t just fixed my broken tooth but she also dealt with other problems with my teeth that I didn’t even know that I had. I was also worried about the expenses of treatment but once again Angela really went an extra mile for me.

She did so much extra work on my teeth and charged me only for my chipped tooth.
She spent time with me explaining in detail about treatment options and gave me information on brushing and correct flossing.

I cannot recommend Angela enough. Thanks to her I would be able to have beautiful, healthy teeth.
Sales Assistant

The dentist who thinks outside the square and goes the extra mile

I would have a partial denture by now if it was not for Angela’s treatment. She saved a tooth other dentists had given up on. Her ability to save and improve our teeth is astonishing. She does not just work on one tooth but looks at all aspects of dental health. She is dedicated and very skilled and also able to restore and improve your every tooth beyond pure surgery embracing dental artistry.
Sophie Lankovsky
Ceramic Artist 25.03.2013

My teeth have never looked so good

Angela is Otago-qualified and has worked and studied extensively both in New Zealand and overseas. Angela is an extremely experienced dental professional and is meticulous in the work she does. My teeth have never looked so good. She is also a very friendly and caring person. During my consultations with her, she always spent time with me, fully explaining the procedure she was about to perform, and also discussed all options for treatment.

What impressed me most is Angela’s holistic approach. She looks at patient’s lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and how to break bad health habits. She encourages patients to improve their general health and wellbeing as ultimately this has an impact on the health of our teeth and gums. It really is dentistry with a difference! She also provided me with detailed instruction and information on correct flossing, brushing and how to control plaque. I highly recommend Angela. Please feel free to contact Angela for an appointment.
Retired Bank Manager.

Genuine, friendly and caring

Thank you Dr Angela Lowe-Ho for the current dentistry care and service you have given me so far. I confessed to you that I had not seen a dentist for at least over 15 years and even though I did give you a challenge in removing the plaque etc, not once did you make me feel ashamed about the state of my teeth.

You gave me professional advice and assessment and at the same time reassured me that you could help me,one strategy at at time. Your genuine, friendly and caring approach towards me removed the fear and anxiety I had about seeing a dentist. I now feel happy with my teeth and oral hygiene and have more confidence than I have had in a long time. Thank you to you and your wonderful dental assistant.

kind regards..
Jennifer Davy
Registered Nurse


An excellent dentist and a compassionate person

I first met Angela because my very scared 10yr old daughter needed a root canal on a molar. No one wanted to work on a child who was scared of needles, let alone dental surgery. But Angela did such a good job-over 2 long sessions- that later when I needed treatment I changed to Angela.

Never before have I had a dentist ensure my comfort as much as the professional dental procedure. My son now also goes – a younger child who had considerable issues with teeth affected by acid reflux. Not only did Angela work on his teeth, she made efforts to improve his brushing habits and diet.

These days when I go to the dentist I am not nervous; it is not an appointment that I dread for days beforehand. This is because Angela has changed my thinking about the health of the mouth. I now see this process as positive.

Angela has proven herself to be an excellent dentist and a compassionate person, who wants the best for her patients health and wellbeing. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone for minor and major procedures.
Sally Webster-Writer
Journalist, Epsom.

Professional, Friendly and an Educational Experience

Angela is more than a Dentist. Her focus on Wellness and Dentistry is an important part of the Angela experience. She takes time to explain not only treatment options but also ongoing care and maintainance of my teeth and gums. Angela has been able to create a non-invasive alternative for me so that I no longer have to have a false tooth to fill a gap in my smile (the artistry aspect of her Dental practice).

I have been very happy with the result and with her ability to offer alternatives that I have never come across with other dentists. I cannot recommend her enough.
Project Manager – Qualifications Adviser

Compassionate and Professional

“I am so glad to have found Angela, I had been very reluctant to to visit a dentist and hadn’t done so in many years. Luckily for me I found the right person, she is sincere and cares passionately about oral health as well as the whole picture.
I would highly recommend Angela to anyone needing dental assistance, especially those that are extremely nervous about dental procedures.”
Karen Turnock,
Hospital Administrator.

Best Dentist in Auckland

“I went to see Angela to have a wisdom tooth extracted. She put me at ease and performed the procedure so quickly and easily that if she hadn’t told me the tooth was coming out I wouldn’t have known! It was painless and she also gave me some wonderful information on holistic health.

I am definitely going to stick with Angela because she is much more than a dentist, she is a wonderful lady. I am looking forward to seeing her again and taking my son to her. I am excited that we found such a fantastic dentist. Great stuff!”
Penny Dobbin,
Mother and Homemaker.

Thank you for the great job you’ve done on my teeth

Just want to thank you for the great job you’ve done on my teeth. I know it was a very difficult extraction, you made me feel very comfortable and it was painless. It was a much better experience than I had with my previous dentist. You’re very professional in your work and I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks again
Brendan O’Connor

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