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Warmth, Lifestyle and Wellness Tips for Winter

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Wintertime is a time of cooling temperatures. I suggest this is an excellent time when you seriously take on the challenge of habits and strategies that will warm and heal your mouth and body.

Creating smiles using Dental artistry techniques conveys warmth, happiness and friendliness.

Equally important are maintenance lifestyle habits for your body, mouth and smile with the added benefits of good nutrition.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are enormous and good nutrition represents the combined activities of countless food substances. I recommend limiting foods containing fermentable carbohydrates to mealtimes only. In addition it is wise to avoid, eliminate or dilute when ever possible sugars, juice intake, sport drinks or carbonated drinks. The choice of whole fresh fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods is always preferable.

To warm and heat your body consider introducing ginger or ginger root in various forms into your salads, soups and cooking. Turmeric also is a natural anti inflammatory powder from the turmeric root and half a teaspoon per day can be added to soups, curries, drinks etc. If used, I do however recommend to soak and wash your plates and to floss and brush your teeth shortly after eating otherwise turmeric has the ability to stain! Coriander, also known as cilantro, Chinese parsley is also another excellent addition to salads and soups and has beneficial properties.

Good oral health and control of oral disease will always protect our body, health and quality of life, especially so as we approach the winter months when transmission of pathogenic bacteria needs to be avoided as much as possible.

Enjoy learning and becoming knowledgeable and ask questions if necessary. I believe in a proactive approach, practising full range painless dentistry. As an added value to treatment options, a personalized strategy program is given when necessary. Your body and your mouth deserve the best treatment choice and care.
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